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DYNELLO® fastwinder

DYNELLO® fastwinder

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Lightweight all-round strap winder for a cordless drill. Made in the original and protected DYNELLO® design including our strap-steer for excellent control of the lashing strap during winding.  

Ideal for tradies and truck drivers that want an all-round strap winder.

  • Made in impact-resistant polymer
  • Integrated maintenance-free dry bearing with Teflon™
  • Lightweight construction
  • Best for 0 – 50 mm wide straps, max. length 20 m.
  • Produced in Denmark

Note: Delivered as self-assembly. Cordless drill not included.

Technical details

  • Suitable for 25-50 mm (1-2 in) wide straps, max. length 20 m (66 ft)
  • Material: Polymer, Aluminum
  • Delivered as self-assembly. 10 mm wrench needed for assembly.
  • Packaging: Carton box
  • Weight: 250 g
  • DYNELLO® fastwinder is a protected product

Additional information

Item no: RS0302

GTIN-13/EAN: 5700002183941

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A proven product design that works

The original and protected DYNELLO-design that characterise DYNELLO® strap winders provides excellent control of the strap. The winding-shaft and steering system are made of aluminium and stainless steel, which makes them unbreakable and allows them to support very heavy straps.

This is what makes DYNELLO® strap winders the best on the market.

Maintenance-free dry bearing technology

The strap winder has a special designed in-built dry bearing, which gives stability and super low friction. The polymer contains PFTE (Teflon™) also providing ultra-low friction between the rotating shaft and body making each winding smooth.

Lightweight and durable

The entire tool weighs only 185g, which does not add significant weight when rolling up heavy straps. The construction is rigid and easily withstands impact and heavy use.

Use the strap winder with a cordless drill (Ø10 mm shaft). Recommended drill maximum winding speed 400 RPM (!) Cordless drill not included. Delivered as self-assembly.