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DYNELLO® Clip 25 mm (1 in), 4 Pcs + Strap Winder

DYNELLO® Clip 25 mm (1 in), 4 Pcs + Strap Winder

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New upgraded version of DYNELLO® Clip 25 mm – Now with an integrated strap winder!

Roll-up your 25mm wide straps directly into the DYNELLO® Clip using the integrated strap winder. The new DYNELLO® Clip 25mm features an innovative strap winder and strap clamp in one product.

  • Easy strap winding and storage
  • Suitable for 25 mm wide straps
  • Made in corrosion-resistant steel
  • 4x clips + 1x strap winder

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Technical details

  • Suitable for 25 mm (1 in) wide straps, max. length 8 m (26 ft)
  • Material: Stainless steel, Plastic
  • Packaging: Carton box
  • Weight: 135 g

Additional information

Item no: RS0207-4-0311

GTIN-13/EAN: 5745000596287

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    Strap clamp + Winder

    New design of the DYNELLO® Clip 25mm with integrated strap winder. The strap clips are made of stainless steel and the small strap winder is made of plastic. The innovative design of the DYNELLO® Clip requires no additional storage space and fits as an integral part of the lashing strap.

    Integrated strap winder

    The strap winder can be spun manually using your fingers, but also with a small cordless drill that fits the standard hexagonal bit. The small straps can be wound up in just a few seconds. To make storing the strap winder easier, leave it in one of the DYNELLO® clips to avoid losing it.

    No more strap-spaghetti

    After rewinding, apply the clamp to prevent the straps from coming undone. The straps are now easy to pick up the next time they are to be used.

    Use only DYNELLO® Clip for storage of straps and not for leftover strap and/or while lashing straps are in use (!)