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DYNELLO® Bandage Roller (bit only)

DYNELLO® Bandage Roller (bit only)

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Simple and afforable bandage roller drill bit for quick bandage winding. Fits a small drill. During winding, the bandage can be controlled and tightened with your free hand.

  • Horse bandages
  • Sport wraps
  • Compression bandages
  • Best for max. 120 mm wide bandages

For optimal result, use a small cordless drill with maximum 250 RPM.

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Technical details

  • Suitable for 0 – 120 mm wide bandages
  • Bit type: 1/4″ hex shank
  • Material: Polymer
  • Packaging: Plastic pouch
  • Weight: 25 g

Additional information

Item no: RS0305

GTIN-13/EAN: 5745000596010

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    Electric bandage roller

    The bandage roller drill bit is a very affordable bandage roller that can be used for many types, thicknesses and widths of bandages.

    Use with a small and cheap cordless drill, and you have a portable and electric bandage roller that can roll your bandages in half the time. Made in a strong and durable polymer that allows stretching of the bandage during winding.

    We recommend to use the bandage roller drill bit with a small cordless drill max. 250 RPM and with a variable speed switch.