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DYNELLO® Rewinder V2

DYNELLO® Rewinder V2

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Cordless, handheld and battery-powered strap winder. Roll up your ratchet strap in just 8 seconds. The electric strap winder can rewind up to 300 ratchet straps per charge on the included lithium-ion battery. DYNELLO® Rewinder V2 is made for rolling straps up to 50 mm wide (fx 5-tonne ratchet straps).

  • Version 2 with upgraded DC motor
  • Up to 300 straps/charge
  • Ergonomic tool
  • Unique strap-steer guides the strap
  • Use for 0 – 50 mm wide straps, max. length 10 m.

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Technical details

  • Suitable for 0-50 mm wide straps, max. length 10 m
  • Speed (no load): 250 RPM
  • Material: Polymer, Stainless steel, Aluminum
  • Power: 300 straps/charge
  • Battery: 12V 1.3Ah li-ion
  • Chargers included: 230V AC (EU-model)
  • Packaging: Cardboard box
  • Weight (tool only): 750 g

Additional information

Item no: RS0102

GTIN-13/EAN: 5700002038975

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    World’s only handheld electric strap winder

    DYNELLO® Rewinder is specifically designed for the full-time truck driver who uses many lashing straps on a daily basis. The DYNELLO® Rewinder V2 comes with a 12V 1.3Ah battery, which provides up to 300 roll-ups (dry straps, max. 9.5m long). This corresponds to 1-2 weeks of battery life with daily use.

    The tool housing is constructed from a ductile plastic, which contributes to the strap winder’s low weight (only 750g) and makes it wonderfully easy to work with all day. Built into the tool housing around the shaft is a water-repellent felt gasket that protects against water ingress. This is an advantage when the straps are wet and dirty. The shaft is constructed from a hardened aluminium alloy and CNC machined with a taper which makes it easier to remove the rolled-up lashing strap. The opening in the shaft allows a maximum strap thickness of 7-8mm.

    One of the many advantages of the DYNELLO® Rewinder V2 is the strap-steer, which provides a nice winding and easy control of the lashing strap. The strap-steer pins ensures that twists are smoothed out and winding is unproblematic and fast. The blue lock ensures that the strap is correctly adjusted throughout the winding process, allowing you to relax your arm without having to control the strap.

    The battery design allows direct charging. No need for a large charging station, which means charging requires minimal space. The battery should be removed from the tool during charging.

    Please read the user manual before use (!)