Dynello Strap Winder Steel Manual Winder

NEW: DYNELLO® Strap Winder

To date, our most durable and hard-wearing strap winder and is designed exclusively for truck drivers who use 5-tonne ratchet straps on a daily basis. The two-piece strap winder is designed to be used by hand and is portable, so you can roll up straps wherever you find them – no more dragging straps through mud and dirt!

The new two-part design is as simple as possible, in keeping with the old adage “less is more”, which should also translate into “less parts, less problems”. The strap winder is constructed from thick, galvanised steel for maximum corrosion resistance. The two-piece design also makes it very ergonomic to use compared to other manual strap winders, where the webbing can be inserted and rewound in one simple movement.

The fact that it’s portable and not attached to the trailer also means that you can stand with your back straight while you rewind your straps.

The construction uses our intelligent strap guide, which guides and steers the ratchet strap as it is being rolled up. Twisted straps are straightened out and winding is done quickly and easy.

More details

  • Best for 35 – 50 mm wide straps
  • Up to 25 metres of webbing!
  • The crank handle is designed with a hook for easy removal of a tightly wound strap
  • Lightweight construction weighing just 480 grams
  • For easy storage, the crank has a cut-out for attaching it to the handle and holding the two parts together