Our product range includes several types of strap winders for lashing straps, both for professional and hobby use, which are used along with a cordless drill. In addition, we offer our popular DYNELLO® Clip, a lashing strap clamp that makes storage of straps tidy and easy.

Strap winders

Our strap winders are based on our unique and proven design since 2014 consisting of a strap-steer and winding shaft. Effortless control of the ratchet strap during winding makes it child’s play to wind the straps quickly and smoothly. You’ll save time and frustration with a DYNELLO® strap winder.

What’s more, all our models are handheld and mobile, so you’re not limited to winding your ratchet straps in one place. No more dragging straps through mud and dirt.

Strap storage

Our best-selling solution to easy strap storage is a practical strap clamp.

The strap clamp is a simple solution to the problem that coiled ratchet straps tend to unwind and tangle during transport. The product and brand DYNELLO® Clip is attached to the coiled lashing strap, preferably close to the metal hook, and prevents the strap from unwinding during storage. The clip therefore ensures that your lashing straps are stored neatly.


Our range of accessories/assistive products can best be described as ‘small solutions to big problems’.

The products are small innovations that solve specific problems during load-securing. You may not encounter these problems every day, but when you do, our assistive products come in very handy.