Strap Winders

We offer two different strap winder models; the fast and easy strap winder attachment for your cordless drill and the handheld portable strap winder used manually by hand.

Our strap winder models are based on our solid and user-friendly design, which has been the basis of our strap winders since 2016.

DYNELLO® Strap Winder, Strap Roller


Up to 25m strap.


26.85 €

DYNELLO® Accu Winder XL, Heavy Duty Strap Winder


Up to 30m strap.


59.15 €

DYNELLO® fastwinder, Strap Winder

Up to 20m strap.


30.15 €

DYNELLO® Accu Winder, Strap Winder

Up to 13m strap.


67.00 €

DYNELLO® Bandage Roller Drill Bit, Bandage Winder



16.15 €


10.00 €

Electric Strap Winder


Up to 10m strap.




Spare Charger 230V AC EU plug



Spare Car Charger 12/24V DC



Which strap winder model should I choose?

If you want a dedicated strap winding tool that will be used on a daily basis, you can consider any model where the question is whether or not you have a cordless drill lying around that you can use for the job.

What is the difference between fastwinder and accu winder?

Although the design is much similar, there are a few key differences between the models;

Both winder models must be used with a cordless drill and can be used for many of the same types of lashing straps.

Which drill do you recommend for the DYNELLO® fastwinder and DYNELLO® Accu Winder XL?

We recommend using a cordless drill with a maximum speed of 400 rpm. Speeds higher than this can cause uncontrolled winding of the lashing strap. Read the enclosed instruction manual for the strap winder for more information.

In addition, a torque of at least 10 Nm is needed to rewind very heavy/wet lashing straps. For smaller straps, such as 25-35mm wide lashings, 5 Nm is sufficient.

What makes DYNELLO® strap winders the best on the market?

Our strap winders are based on a unique and proven design consisting of a strap-guide (B) and the winding-shaft (A). Effortless control of the lashing strap during winding makes it child’s play to rewind the straps quickly and smoothly. You will save time and frustration with a DYNELLO® strap winder.

What’s more, all our models are handheld and mobile, so you’re not limited to winding your lashings in one place. No more dragging straps through mud and dirt.

Dynello fastwinder Strap Winder