Dynello Fastwinder Strap Winder for drill

All you need to know about DYNELLO® fastwinder Strap Winder

Unique assembly system for usage with more types of straps – DYNELLO® fastwinder is built on a modular concept allowing for changing of the winding-shaft pins and steering system pins. It is possible to change the pins to fit specific strap-widths and thicknesses.

Dynello Fastwinder Strap Winder for drill

Maintenance-free dry bearing technology – The strap winder has a special designed in-built dry bearing, which gives stability and super low friction. The polymer contains PFTE (Teflon™) also providing ultra-low friction between the rotating shaft and base plate making each winding smooth. Furthermore, the strong in-built bearing handles heavy straps very well, such as when rolling wet lashing straps.

Ultra-strong base plate – The base plate is made in a very durable polymer that is super lightweight, robust and impact resistant. The polymer is moreover UV-resistant. In other words, the DYNELLO® fastwinder is made to roll-up thousands of lashing straps.

CNC-machined parts made in stainless steel and aluminium – High quality parts made in stainless steel and aluminium makes sure the strap winder lasts for several years of wear and tear. Moreover, the smooth shaft-pins allows for easy removal of the rolled-up strap.

Innovative steer for easy control – The bottom two pins, made of stainless steel, make up the steering system, which provide control of the lashing strap during rewinding. Twisted straps are aligned and rolled-up nice and tidy every time.

Low weight – The weight only adds up to 185g. It is therefore lightweight and easy to use all day long.

High value for money – A major benefit of the DYNELLO® fastwinder is the price. Production costs have been cut to the bone and a large amount of the parts are locally produced to minimise transport costs. The result is a high quality product for a very affordable price.