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Dynello Accu Winder

We've created the best strap winder for your drill. Enjoy an effortless strap winding in a few seconds. Made for tough environments in stainless material and fits nearly every drill with its Ø10mm shaft. 


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Extremely fast

The strap winder tool is a genuine time-saver. Save 50 seconds per strap, which accumulates into hours through the week.

  • As fast as 4.2 sec per strap
  • Adjust speed and torque on drill
  • World's fastest strap winder

Fits every drill

Our components are carefully engineered with precision tolerances resulting in a smooth rewinding of straps.

  • CNC precision machined parts
  • Ø10mm shaft fits most drills
  • Stainless material

No twisted straps

Our signature steer for the strap straightens out twisted straps.

  • Welded-on steer for strap
  • 100% control of strap
  • Fits 25-75mm strap-width
dynello strap winder for drill

The Dynello Difference

strap winder drill bit

CNC precision-made parts

CNC and lasercut precision tolerances secure everything runs smooth.

aluminum shafts

Stainless material

High quality stainless steel and aluminum material provides maximum longevity.

guide steer for strap

Innovative guide-pins

Enjoy our signature strap-steer, which make our strap winders the world's most easiest to use.



Dynello Accu Winder is an effective tool that transforms any cordless drill into a strap winder. The product is perfect for those who have their own drill and periodically use many lashing straps for load securing.

Install the Dynello Accu Winder easily and quickly in the drill with its Ø10mm shaft. The strap winder tool can be used to wind ratchet straps, roundslings, slings, tie downs wet or dry, utilizing the powerful torque of the drill.

Adjust the torque with the cordless drill's torque control to give the strap the right 'tightness'. You can conveniently squeeze the moisture out of the ratchet strap during rewinding so it dries up faster.

The strap winder rolls-up a strap in less than 7 seconds! You will without a doubt save many hours on strap winding with a Dynello Accu Winder. The investment is quickly earned in saved time!

Investing in a Dynello Accu Winder is not only good for the economy, but also for your work environment. Avoid the repeated work with manual strap winding by hand.


  • Fits Ø10 shaft/bit
  • Stainless steel & Aluminum
  • Up to 13m strap
  • Adjust speed with drill
  • Adjust tightness of strap with torque
  • Recycled cardboard packaging
  • Weight (tool): 350g


1 x Dynello Accu Winder
1 x Dynello 1Clip (sample)
1 x User instructions

Drill not included.

Safety notice

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User manual



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EU declaration of conformity

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Tips for maintaining your equipment

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Best practice use

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Q: What types of straps can it roll-up?
A: It can roll-up ratchet straps, slings, roundslings and alike.

Q: What is max. thickness and length of the straps it can roll-up?
A: Maximum strap-width: 75mm. Maximum length: 15m. Maximum thickness: 8mm.