Lashing Magnet 50mm

Lashing Magnet 50 mm, 2 Pcs

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Avoid those extra runs around the trailer when the strap hook comes loose with this smart solution. The magnet attaches to the strap hook, ensuring the hook stays where it should during load securing.

  • Fits 50 mm wide straps
  • 2 pcs/pack
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Lashing Magnet 50mm

May the magnet-force be with you

The strong and long-lasting neodymium magnet is a much needed helper in windy weather, when the hook often comes loose. The solution attaches with a single screw and can easily be re-attached to new lashing straps.

Technical details

  • Suitable for J-hook, 50 mm wide straps
  • Weight: 80 g

Additional information

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