New product! DYNELLO® fastwinder

New product! DYNELLO® fastwinder

New addition to our strap winders for cordless drill. DYNELLO® fastwinder is our new very lightweight all-round strap winder. Made in the original and protected DYNELLO® design including our strap-steer for excellent control of the lashing strap during winding. The ideal tool for tradies and truck drivers that want an all-round strap winder.

The special-designed base (the red part) utilises in-built dry bearing technology. The technical design of the bearing combined with a new polymer compound containing PFTE (also known as Teflon™) provides ultra-low friction between the rotating winding shaft and base. This has several advantages:

  • Very smooth roll-up of the webbing
  • Maintenance free product
  • Ultra-strong bearing for heavy webbing

Plastic or polymer may sound weak in your ears, but do not underestimate its strength. The base plate is virtually impossible to break and is a tool you can use for many years without breaking.

Like all our other strap winders does DYNELLO® fastwinder also features the innovative strap-steer. The strap-steer acts as a guide for the webbing when rolling up your straps so you don't have to worry about twists. The strap-steer is a key feature of DYNELLO® strap winders and is what makes our strap winders the best on the market.

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