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Product news! Ergonomic tool for throwing over high loads

Introducing our first product for easier load securing over high loads - Dynello Spaceball™

Dynello Spaceball™ is for when you are unable to throw the lashing over high loads. Instead, you;

  • throw the Dynello Spaceball™ over first,
  • mount the carabiner in the metal hook of the lashing strap and
  • pull the lashing strap over.

The Dynello Spaceball™ consists of a blue ball made of soft natural rubber, a strong cord (paracord) with a tensile strength of approximately 250kg and a carabiner.

An ergonomic tool

The blue ball has a significantly lower weight than a lashing strap. If you therefore have difficulty getting the strap over the load, you can instead throw the Dynello Spaceball™ over first and then pull the lashing strap over. This is considerably more ergonomic for your shoulder and back if you already suffer from pain in these areas when throwing with lashing straps.

Especially good for high loads where you have to throw into a headwind, but also useful in curtain trailers where you have to get the strap through a narrow opening.

The ball, which is made of natural rubber, also acts as an excellent counterweight when throwing into the wind. A much safer alternative to the metal hook on the lashing strap, which can injure people on the other side of the trailer if the hook hits their head.

The blue ball is very similar to throwing a tennis ball.

Wind the cord on a strap winder

The blue ball is designed with an opening that fits on the Dynello Rewinder and Dynello Accu Winder rewind shaft. This makes it easy to wind the cord (American-made paracord) in a hurry, so you don't have to do this manually.

Dynello Spaceball™ is expected to be ready for sale Nov/Dec 2021.


Product name: Dynello Spaceball™

Art. no.:  RS0402

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