CASE STUDY: Ranum Tent Rental

CASE STUDY: Ranum Tent Rental

In 2018, Heine from Ranum Tent Rental was looking for a sustainable solution for storing his many lashing straps. Since party tents are anchored to the ground with straps and use up to 80 straps/tent, Ranum Tent Rental has a lot of them.

More precisely, they have almost 2000 straps, half of them 50 mm wide (LC: 2500daN) and the other half 35 mm wide (LC: 1000daN).

He had already built four walls with hooks where he can hang the straps.

There was only one problem: the lashing strap could unwind when hanging, and for this purpose they used cable strips.

Cable strips are expensive.

And every time they used a strap, they had to cut the strip. The cable strips could not be reused. So it was an expensive affair, as they used thousands of cable strips every season.

The solution was DYNELLO® Clip

When Heine heard about DYNELLO® Clip, he ordered a strap clamp for each strap. After just one season of tent rental, the savings began to show.

"Not only is it much easier than cable strips, but we also saved time by not having to run around to find pliers to cut the damn strips. It has been one of the best investments we have ever made!" - Heine, owner

With DYNELLO® Clip, all straps are stored on the wall and take up a minimum of floor space. When they have a rental job, they can easily and quickly get the number of straps needed for the specific party tent.


Straps suspended with cable strips are both difficult to hang and many disposable strips are used.


Straps with DYNELLO® Clip. Easy to hang the strap by its hook, which makes drying in a ventilated space easy when not in use.

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