DYNELLO® Rewinder upgraded to version 2

DYNELLO® Rewinder upgraded to version 2

A new and improved version of DYNELLO® Rewinder is now available in a version 2.

Our electric strap rewinder has received a boost of approximately 40% in torque with a new robust DC motor, as well as gearing. This means that DYNELLO® Rewinder version 2 (Dynello Rewinder V2) has a better capability for winding wet and heavy lashing straps.

DYNELLO® Rewinder V2 retains its exterior design familiar from version 1, as well as a battery capacity of 1.3 Ah., which provides up to 300 rewinds on one charge.

DYNELLO® Rewinder version 1 will be discontinued and Dynello Rewinder V2 (Item no. RS0102) will be our only electric strap winder model.

Overview version 2 upgrade:

  • New DC motor model and gearing.
  • 40% more torque with new gearing.
  • RPM has gone from 300 to 250 due to higher gearing. Still under 10 sec./winding.
  • Air vent holes for DC motor in tool housing for better ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • New packaging box for Dynello Rewinder V2 in recycled cardboard
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