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The new ERGOLASH ratchet is 35% faster

The lashing strap of the future is designed so that the driver does not have to feed in the long webbing from the end, but can insert the webbing from the side and into the ratchet, exactly at the needed length of strap, making the work 35% faster.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Invented in Denmark, ERGOLASH reinvents the 50-year-old ratchet so truck drivers and logisticians all over the world can benefit from a new and effortless way to secure loads.

- I was introduced to the ERGOLASH lashing and it was very convincing. The lashing was strapped around the cargo load and I saw how easy it was to slide it sideways into the ratchet. Next, the driver just had to tighten up the strap. It was lightning fast, and I'm actually surprised that no one has thought of it before," says Poul Henrik Schou, Managing Director of Poul Schou A/S.

World patented

The ratchet itself is made of steel that has a 0,5 mm thicker cross-section than conventional low-cost ratchets for maximum rigidity and durability. You can clearly feel the quality of the ratchet by the increased weight. The ratchet is also fully galvanised to protect against corrosion.

The world-patented shaft into which the strap is inserted is made of hardened high-alloy steel, which is 2x stronger than the usual steel used in low-cost ratchets.

The webbing is made of 100% polyester and has a length of 9,5 metres. No more cutting and adjusting the excess webbing, and frayed strap-ends are a thing of the past. With ERGOLASH, you roll out the amount of strap you need, insert it into the ratchet and tension it.

Simply put, ERGOLASH is the new standard for lashing straps.


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