dynello strap winder for drill

New product! Strap winder for your cordless drill

Introducing our latest addition to our strap winders: DYNELLO® Accu Winder.

DYNELLO® Accu Winder is a simple yet effective strap winder for your own cordless drill. Made of stainless materials. The strap winder comes with a Ø10 mm bit, which fits in most drills.

The innovative strap-steer, which guide the strap, are welded in place for maximum durability.

The winding shaft is designed with an angle so that the strap can be easily removed after rewinding. Approximately 13 meters of coiled strap will fit on the tool, as the strap winder is primarily designed for 5-ton straps with the standard length of 9,5 meters of loose webbing.

The product will be available from July 2019.

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