dynello spaceball

New product! Tool for throwing straps

Introducing our first product for easier load securing in curtain trailers throug tight spaces: DYNELLO® Spaceball

DYNELLO® Spaceball is the little helper that you can throw in between the tiny gaps and then pull the lashing strap over. Simply unroll the string and tie it to the strap hook, throw the Spaceball over and into the narrow space and pull the lashing strap over the pallets/cargo.

    The product consists of a blue ball made of soft natural rubber and a strong cord (paracord) with high tensile break-strength of 250 kg.

    When the space is too narrow between the pallet and trailer

    DYNELLO® Spaceball has a significantly smaller size than a ratchet strap and is therefore easier to throw with precision. A full curtain trailer can be difficult to strap, as the space between the cargo and trailer is very narrow. Here will the spaceball come in handy, as is can easily be thrown in between the narrow space and then you can pull the ratchet straps over one by one.

    Other benefits:

    • Low weight to throw (like a tennis ball)
    • Also useful when load securing in strong winds
    • Made of soft rubber that doesn't damage cargo, truck or trailer

    Read more about DYNELLO® Spaceball

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