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Rewinder Bundle

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The bundle for those who work with ratchet straps daily. This bundle includes our super popular handheld electric strap winder + our special designed pocket hook and a total of 9 pcs Dynello 1Clips.

1 x Dynello Rewinder II
1 x Dynello 1Clip (8 pcs) + 1 extra clip
1 x Pocket hook


The bundle for the professionals. Using ratchet straps daily is hard work and time-consuming. We have created this bundle for those who daily spends time on strap winding and have many straps in their inventory.

Dynello Rewinder II is the first and only handheld electric strap winder on this planet, capable of rewinding 300 straps on a single charge. The strap winder can be charged in the truck with the accompanying 230V AC charger or the 12/24V DC car charger.

Dynello 1Clip (8 pcs/pack) makes storage of ratchet straps a true pleasure. Never again tangled straps and always ready-to-use straps.

The pocket hook for Dynello Rewinder makes it possible to carry it around, hanging in your pocket, when you are looking for the next ratchet straps to roll-up.

Join the pros

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Handheld electric strap winder

Enjoy an effortless and fast strap winding every day. The electric strap winder is a true time-saver.

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Easy storage of ratchet straps

You may not know it now, but you will realise that Dynello 1Clip is your best investment for a long time. Easy storage, easy handling, easy order - the benefits list is endless.

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Professional load securing

Load securing is a critical part of transportation of goods and flawless equipment is a necessity. Take care of your quality ratchet straps and have a professional handling and storage.

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