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Magnet Bundle


Magnet Bundle

Top notch gear for your ratchet straps! Keep the hook in place with our magnets and an organised order of your straps with Dynello 1Clip.


  • Magnetic fastening of strap-hook
  • Bestselling clips for easy storage of lashing straps
  • Less walking around the trailer

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The Magnet Bundle is accessories for ratchet straps including;

Magnet (2 pcs/pack) for ratchet straps makes sure the hook does not come off when you are taking the trip around the trailer to ratchet the load.

Dynello 1Clip (8 pcs/pack) secures your winded ratchet straps making storage easy, quick and organised.

Art. no.: RS8003

4 x Lashing Magnet (2 pcs)
1 x Dynello 1Clip (8 pcs)

Makes your work easier

Made for stormy weather

Keep your hooks in place even in windy weather.

Organised ratchet straps

Ready-to-use and organised straps saves you time and frustration.

Innovative features

The magnet and clip are small but innovative products that makes your day a lot easier.