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Get your ratchet straps organised with our best selling bundle including a strap winder for your drill and 16 pcs Dynello 1Clips + one extra clip!

1 x Dynello Accu Winder
2 x Dynello 1Clip (8 pcs) + 1 extra clip

Drill not included


Get your ratchet straps organised with our bestseller bundle that includes;

Dynello Accu Winder the strap winder that fits every drill with its Ø10mm shaft. Roll-up your ratchet straps in less than 7 seconds. Made in stainless steel and hardened aluminium alloy. A tool for life.

Dynello 1Clip (8 pcs per pack) the clip that makes storage of ratchet straps easy and mangeable. Apply a clip on your winded strap. The grip is strong enough to hang up the ratchet strap in its metal hook. Avoid tangled straps, but have an organised professional storage of your straps.

100% control

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Strap winder for your drill

Roll-up your ratchet straps quickly, easy and the way you want. The ultimative best strap winder for cordless drill.

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Organised storage

Tired of tangled straps? Dynello 1Clip is the single best solution for storage of winded straps.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Roll-up and store your ratchet straps so they are ready for next use. You will quickly notice a great satisfaction when your straps are in order.

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