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Dynello fastwinder™

Dynello fastwinder™

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Our most advanced strap winder for your cordless drill for professionals. Made in our unique, patented and well-tested design that provides excellent stability and control of the strap.

Developed with a dry bearing technology for continuous dry-running operation making it maintenance free. The body (red part) is made in an entire new polymer containing PFTE (also known as Teflon™), which gives ultra-low friction making each winding smooth and straightforward. The strong bearing handle heavy and wet straps very well.

Can be used for small straps, as well as 5t lashing straps. Roll up 0 - 50 mm wide straps, max. length 20 m. Excellent performance in any environment at any temperature.

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A proven product design that works. A slotted shaft is not enough. You will need control of the strap. This is what our sturdy Steer System provide. Control and accuracy. This is what makes Dynello strap winders the best on the market.

Maintenance-free dry bearing technology. The strap winder has a special designed in-built dry bearing, which gives stability and super low friction. The polymer contains PFTE (Teflon™) also providing ultra-low friction between the rotating shaft and body making each winding smoother than a freshly greased fifth wheel.

dynello fastwinder

Reshape your fastwinder™ to your winding job. Dynello fastwinder™ features our new innovative Add-On System. It is possible to change the add-ons to fit specific strap-widths and thicknesses.

dynello fastwinder

Lightweight and durable design. The entire tool weighs only 185g, which does not add significant weight when rolling up heavy straps. The construction is rigid and easily withstands impact and heavy use.

The Dynello fastwinder™ is a designed on a modular concept we call Add-On System, which means you can change and adapt the add-ons to different types of straps. For example, adapt the steer pins to wider or thicker lashing straps such as lifting straps or slings. The Add-On System is a continuously expanding with new accessories, so you can use your Dynello fastwinder™ for more than straps.

fastwinder add-on system

Use with a cordless drill (Ø10 mm shaft) or manually with the Hand-Crank. The Hand Crank can be bought separately. Delivered as self-assembly. 10mm wrench needed for assembly.

Included in the box:
Dynello fastwinder™ tool, instruction manual.
*Cordless drill not included.


  • Use: 0 - 50mm strap-width
  • Max. length of roll-up: 20m
  • Size (min. chuck size): Ø10mm
  • Speed: Adjust speed and torque with drill
  • Material: Polymer and aluminum
  • Shaft, pin length and diameter: 35mm, Ø6mm
  • Steer, pin length and diameter: 50mm, Ø6mm
  • Packaging: Cardboard box
  • Weight (tool): 185g
  • Weight (box as delivered): 250g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ware immer noch nicht angekommen und nun soll ich bewerten.

Guten Tag,
Ich bin äußerst unzufrieden.
Bestellt und bezahlt am 02.04.2023.
Bis heute 18.04.2023 ist hier nichts angekommen.
Angeblich war der Artikel am Lager.
In der Zeit hätte ich das Teil zu Fuß aus Dänemark abholen können.
Bin gespannt wie lange es noch dauert.
Beste Grüße
Dirk Becker

Hallo Dirk,

Der Artikel wurde am 04.05.23, also zwei Tage nach deiner Bestellung, versucht zu liefern, was aber nicht gelungen ist. Ich vermute, Sie müssen eine Benachrichtigung darüber per E-Mail oder SMS erhalten haben. Da keine Zustellung erfolgte, wurde das Paket folglich an uns zurückgeschickt.

Leider liegt die Zustellung bei Abholung durch DPD nicht in unserer Hand.
Ich wünschte, Sie hätten sich direkt mit mir in Verbindung gesetzt, bevor Sie eine 1-Sterne-Bewertung für das Produkt abgegeben haben, da dies nichts mit dem Produkt zu tun hat.

Ich habe Ihnen auch eine E-Mail geschrieben.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jens

Jesper von Schantz

Works great

Cyril Obeissart

Dynello fastwinder™

Dirk Brommer
Dynello fastwinder

Heel fijn product. Werkt makkelijk en snel.

Dave Knowles

Need to be wider at bottom for strap protection to flow through

Hi Dave - its noted. Thank you for the input.
best regards Jens

Florian Karwig

Dynello fastwinder™