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  • ergolash lashing magnet
  • magnet mounted on ratchet strap
  • lashing magnet backside view
  • person attaching ratchet strap hook with magnet on flatbed
  • person attach ratchet strap on flatbed rail with magnet
  • ratchet strap with dynello 1clip and magnet
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Lashing Strap Magnet 2-Pack

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Avoid running around the trailer when the ratchet strap hook loosens. The strong lashing magnet secures the hook during load-securing.

Easily mounted with a single screw.

2 pcs / pack

No more running around

The magnet make sure the hook stays in place. This means a fewer walks around the trailer in windy weather.

Magnetic fastening of the hook

  • The magnet attaches easily to the vehicle/trailer so the driver can ratchet the load on the other side without any problems.
  • Made of durable polymer and has a strong magnet capable of lifting 2.5 kg.
  • Easily mounted onto the strap-hook with a single screw.

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Gearoid Kennedy
Love um

.Great quality


great idea but rather expensive