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ERGOLASH Lashing Strap 5T (10-Pack)


ERGOLASH Lashing Strap 5T (10-Pack)

ERGOLASH: 50-year old invention re-innovated

With ERGOLASH lashing straps, you can load-secure 35% faster. No need to pull the entire strap through the ratchet. No frayed strap-ends ever again. Simply swipe the strap in the ratchet at any length. 


  • 35% faster than low-cost ratchets
  • Partially open spline shaft for quick-attachment
  • 2500 daN Lashing Capacity
  • TÜV SÜD Certified

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Please note: Lashing straps are shipped separately and directly from ERGOLASH facility in Denmark.

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Invented in Denmark, ERGOLASH re-innovates the 50-year old ratchet so truck drivers and logistic workers all over the world can enjoy a new and effortless way to load-secure.

The ratchet body is made of steel that has a 0.5mm thicker cross-section than conventional low-cost ratchets for maximum stiffness and durability. You can feel the quality of the ratchet in the slighty heavier weight. It is moreover completely galvanised for protection against corrosion.

The world-patented spline shaft that receives the webbing is made in hardened high-alloy steel, which is 2x stronger than the usual steel used in low-cost ratchets.

The webbing is made of 100% polyester and is 9.5 meters in length. No need to cut and adjust the excessive webbing or struggle with frayed strap-ends. With ERGOLASH you roll-out the strap you need, swipe-it and tension the strap.

ERGOLASH is simply said the new standard of lashing straps.

Art. no.: 185050101200

  Available with Australian standard hook and tag. Send inquiry

10 x ERGOLASH® Lashing straps 5T-9.5m

Please note! Magnet, clips or strap winder illustrated at images are NOT included.

New ratchet type

The new ratchet from ERGOLASH has a partially open spline shaft for easy and fast insert of the loose strap.

  • Hardened shaft in high-alloy steel
  • TÜV Certified
  • 50mm polyester webbing

35% faster

Never struggle with twisted straps and frayed strap-ends again.

  • 35% faster than conventional ratchets
  • Save time when loading & unloading
  • Easy control of twisted straps

Perfect for small loads

The struggle with frayed strap-ends is over. You will never touch the strap-end again.

  • Perfect for tight spaces. Just swipe-in!
  • No more frayed ends
  • Galvanized ratchet for corrosion resistance

Roll-out what you need

Unwind only the amount of strap you need and swipe!

  • No more strap-mess
  • No need to cut excessive strap

ERGOLASH innovation


Open spline shaft

World-patented partial-open shaft in high alloy hardened steel.


0.5mm more material

0.5mm more material for maximum ratchet strength.


Corrosion resistance

Fully galvanised ratchet for longterm corrosion resistance.


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  • LC: 2500 daN
  • Length: 9.5m
  • EN 12195-2 compliant
  • Hardened shaft in high-alloy steel
  • 10 pcs / pack
  • Weight (1 pcs): 3kg
  • Weight: 30kg

Q: Does the ratchet pull upwards or downwards?
A: The ratchet pull/presses upwards like regular ratchets to tension the strap.

Q: Does ERGOLASH lashing straps exists in an ergonomic model, where the handle pulls downwards?
A: Not as of yet.