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Dynello Strap Thrower Ball

Load securing high truck loads in a storm has never been easier with this simple tool.

Simply attach the string to the ratchet strap hook. Throw the ball over the load. Pull the ratchet strap over and attach hook. Roll-up string with dynello strap winder. Repeat.

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  • Durable polyurethane
  • Easy pull ratchet strap in place
  • 10m string
  • Roll-up string with Rewinder
  • Effortless throw in windy weather
  • Same weight as metal hook (5 ton strap)
  • Weight: 350g

A projectile in the wind

Laser-precision throws

Easy aim and throw through tight spaces on curtain trailers, large vehicle transport etc. and effortless pull and ratchet the strap in place.

Throw ratchet straps when it storms

The small size of the ball and string cuts through windy weather, which makes it ideal to use when load securing on a stormy harbor side.

For those with immobilised shoulders

The low weight puts minimum strain to shoulders, neck and back when load securing high loads. Its like throwing a tennis ball.