Dynello Clip Strap Clamp
Dynello Clip Strap Clamp
Dynello Clip Strap Clamp
Dynello Clip Strap Clamp
Dynello Clip Strap Clamp Dynello Clip Strap Clamp Dynello Clip Strap Clamp Dynello Clip Strap Clamp

DYNELLO® Clip 50mm Recycled Strap Clamp

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A simple and robust strap clamp for 5t (50mm) lashing straps made of 98% recycled end-of-life marine waste including fishing nets, ropes and trawls.

Achieve a tidy and space saving storage of your 50 mm lashing straps with DYNELLO® Clip. The unique strap clamp design easily and quickly attaches to the coiled lashing strap and prevents it from unwinding during storage.

An indispensable product that will save you tons of time unravelling twisted and tangled straps.

Suitable for 50 mm wide straps.
Delivered as 1 pcs

Product description

A simple clamp with a huge effect. The mess of tangled straps is both frustrating and time-consuming to untangle. DYNELLO® Clip work as a clamp and makes sure the lashing strap cannot untangle during storage. Simply attach the clamp as close to the hook on the lashing strap.

No more cable ties, velcro strips or customised storage boxes. The clip is quick to attach and quick to remove. Compared to other solutions, the DYNELLO® Clip is resistant to grease, dirt and mud and works equally well for dry or wet lashing straps. It requires no maintenance and can withstand heavy use without breaking. Dynello Clip™ is a product you can use for decades.

Simple and practical design. It is designed with small hooks that grip the strap without tearing the small threads, but still hold tightly in place. Its small size requires no extra storage space, and it is super light (40g), making your lashing straps easily accessible and quickly to grab.

(Please note!) Use only DYNELLO® Clip for storage of straps and not for leftover strap and/or while lashing straps are in use.

1 x DYNELLO® Clip 50mm Recycled

Technical Details

  • Fits: 50mm strap-width
  • Use, temperature: -20 °C to +40 °C
  • Material: 98% recycled maritime plastic waste
  • Packaging: Recycled cardboard box
  • Weight (1 pcs): 40g
  • DYNELLO® Clip is a protected product

Additional information

Article no.: RS0201-1GN
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