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Blue lock

Blue lock

Our blue lock makes sure every ratchet strap is winded perfect. It is standard on the Dynello Rewinder II and fits all Dynello Rewinder models.


    • Fits all Rewinder models
    • Adjust lock to strap-width
    • Made in durable polymer

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    Blue lock accessory for Dynello Rewinder-series. Adjust the lock to the width of the strap to have a smooth roll-up.
    Comes as standard accessory with the Dynello Rewinder.


    • Fits all Rewinder models
    • Durable polymer
    • Adjustable on guide-pins 0 - 50mm
    • 1 pcs / pack
    • Weight (single piece): 10g

    Art. no.: RS0101-006

    1 x Blue lock

    Q: Can it be used for Dynello Accu Winder?
    A: Yes - but it is designed to fit Dynello Rewinder. The lock fits a Ø6mm shaft.

    Aligned strap

    The combination of the guide-pins and the blue lock make every strap winding perfect and smooth.

    • Perfect rolled-up strap
    • Left/right-handed supported

    Adjust to width

    You can easily adjust the blue lock to preferred strap-width.

    • 0 - 50mm strap-width
    • Fits Ø6mm guide-pins