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Our Story

In early 2013, after a full day’s work of cutting trees and unloading of logs, the clock struck midnight.
It was freezing cold, but time to roll-up the smeared lashing straps.
At that moment, the idea for Dynello arose.

Since then, we have stayed true to our mission of developing innovative tools for load securing to improve your health and work environment.

The first prototypes

There was made 11 prototypes of Dynello Rewinder until the final concept was put in production. It took two years of testing before we launched Dynello Rewinder, the first electric strap winder in the world!

Here is an image of the first prototype of our electric strap winder.

electric strap winder prototype

The name was changed

We started out with REW STRAP (Rewind Straps) but was in last second (before producing the injection molding tools) advised to find another name that was more generic.

That process produced Dynello.

Inspired from the late system of units Centimetre–Gram–Second (CGS) now replaced by the SI-system, where the unit of force is measured in Dyne.

New products

We are continuously developing new ideas, concepts and products for load securing, so be sure to follow our journey towards being the most innovative within work environment tools for load securing.

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Thank you for reading Our Story.