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Dynello Clip™ 25mm 6-Pack

Dynello Clip™ 25mm 6-Pack

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Dynello Clip™ 25mm made in stainless steel.  Small straps can quickly become tangled and knotted during storage, but not with the Dynello Clip™. The clip easily attaches to the strap, preventing unwinding and providing a nice neat storage.

The clip is made of corrosion-free AISI 304 stainless steel, unbreakable quality, thus a product you can use for many years. Can be used over and over without wearing. Save tons of time unravelling twisted and tangled straps with Dynello Clip™

Delivered in 6 pcs/pack.

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Made of indestructible material. This model is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand abrasive use. Use the clip again and again for many years.

dynello clip

Small and practical design. This innovative design requires no additional storage space and is applied as an integral part of the lashing strap. The clip is quick and easy to attach and detach compared to other solutions. The design is flexible, which allows for adjustment of the tightness of the clip and thus the firmness with which the clip attaches to the strap.

dynello clip

Included in the box:
6 x Dynello Clip™ 25mm


  • Fits: 25mm strap-width
  • Use, temperature: n/a
  • Material: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Packaging: Recycled cardboard box
  • Weight (1 pcs): 25g
  • Weight (6 pcs, box as delivered): 165g

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Got what I ordered, love it!

Daniel Jost

everthing good

Pelle Bäckrud
Mycket nöjd

Snabb återkoppling vid fråga. Leverans med uppföljning perfekt. Ska nu test produkten

Carl Sandahl
Simpel produkt som gör vad den ska.

Jag såg, jag läste, jag köpte, det blev bra.

Inger-Lis A.
Rigtig fin service og guidning.

Rigtig fin service og guidning. Produktet var slet ikke sat til salg i Danmark, men det blev hurtigt rettet til på hjemmesiden. Var til salg i Tyskland, men lige kommet til Danmark.
Hurtig levering. Tak