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Product guide: How to use Dynello Rewinder

Product guide: How to use Dynello Rewinder

Dynello Rewinder is easy to use and only take less than 8 seconds to wind a strap! There is a few simple steps to follow, so the strap gets winded correctly and securely every time.


Step 1: Grab the end of the strap, the end where there is not a metal hook (!)

Step 2: Insert the strap in between the two guide-pins first, and next into the ‘fork-shaft’. Pull the strap a few centimeres trough the ‘fork-shaft’.

Step 3: Place a flat hand on the fork-shaft and give the strap a few windings, so it does not fall out.

Step 4: Now lock the blue lock on the guide-pins, so the strap is secured properly.

Step 5: Rewind the strap – in 8 seconds…

Step 6: When the strap is winded, after 8 seconds, unlock the blue lock .

Step 7: Take out the strap. Avoid having it falling off by keeping the Rewinder in a horisontal position as seen on the picture.

Step 8: The easiest way to take of the strap is to puch the winded spool of strap into your stomach, take a firm grib of the strap, and the pull out the tool horisontally.

Step 9: All done! When getting into a rythm this takes less than 15 seconds to perform.



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