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Product guide: How does Dynello 1Clip work?

Product guide: How does Dynello 1Clip work?

Dynello 1Clip is a smart invention to keep a hold of your ratchet straps when they are already winded, so it does not unwind and create a mess. Having a neat order of your straps does not only pleases your sense of order, but also saves your a lot of time. A spagetti pile of straps is a frustrating mess to unfold and this can be avoided with the blue clip.

Dynello 1Clip fits to 35mm and 50mm strap-widths. It is easy to apply, just smack it on. And easy to remove, just grab the side of the clip and pull it off. Small barbs inside the clip secures a tight grib, so it cannot come off by itself.

Your straps can be stored in news ways. Try hang it in the metal hook to save space.


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